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Your stay in "Le nid aux étoiles"

   On our preserved Burgundy estate, in the heart of nature, we offer you to live a wonderful experience: spend a romantic night in our unusual accommodation of charm THE STAR NEST. Without light pollution to 2 km round, if the weather allows, you can enjoy a panorama on the starry sky warm under the duvet. The nest contains all the necessary comfort: private bathroom, toilet, wifi, air conditioning ... The master of the house, Joel, being a cabinetmaker craft in the high-end for 15 years, you will appreciate the unique decoration, simple and refined . In the morning and at the time of your convenience, you can hoist your full breakfast basket: fruit juice, hot drinks, breads and pastries in complete autonomy.

   To complete your stay with us, we offer you a selection of Burgundy wines and planchas salted or sweet homemade and made with exclusively local products or from organic farming. Our family pool above ground can also accommodate you between 17H and 19H.

   Finally, if you feel like it, you can visit the Atelier de Joël which will be delighted to show you its passion for arts and craftsmanship to make you want to try a creative internship.

Have a good stay with us Emilie and Joel


Included in the room rate. He will hang from the nest in a warm basket at the time of your wish. Very complete: hot drinks, fruit juice, bread and fresh pastries, homemade jams. all Bio and local is better!

Planchas  july and august

service not available due to COVID

Of course you can enjoy the various restaurants in the area but if you do not want to leave the area we offer sweet and salty planchas.


  • Plancha "sur le pouce": Assortment for cold meats and cheeses. 12 Euros

  • Planchas "Gargantua": Full menu for two people: 24 Euros / pers and to book various planchas of cold cuts and regional cheeses, bread and seasonal crudity plancha "Douceurs"

  • Plancha "Douceurs": Chocolate coulis, seasonal smoothie, ice cream and its coulis. 9 Euros.

Bar and wine list

It would be a shame to be in the heart of Burgundy and not be able to taste its fine wines. Joël offers you a wine list of selected harvesting owners.


Service until 22H.



Note: no strong alcohol on sale on the estate. To consume with moderation

Creative Internship

Joel provides art practice courses in his workshop on the field. Come express your creativity:


  • Drawing of living model

  • Cabinetmaking

  • Sculpture


Joël will be delighted to show you his workshop and his works in progress, Ask him!


  We have created a park preserved for 15 years by planting a variety of plants in the spirit of an eco-places, true refuge for the fauna and flora of our countryside. Emilie will guide you with pleasure in the mazes of the park to discover the vegetable garden, conservatory orchard and apiary.

Swimming pool

If you want, you will have access to our family pool above ground easily from 17H to 20H. Take the swimsuits!

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